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In this Social Trophy, not the fastest wins, but the best in navigation. The one who following the road book makes less mistakes and, therefore, travels less kilometers.

There will be four dates that will score on the trophy, these are the dates that you have to write down in your biker calendar:

      • October 3rd CARAVACA
      • February 13 AGUILAS
      • March 6th LORCA
      • May 15 ALCANTARILLA

Each one of these appointments will consist of a route of about 250 kilometers, but they will only score 200 kilometers.  The beginning and end of the selective sector will be indicated in the road book.

We will also include obligatory waypoints, the rider who does not pass through these waypoints will be penalized with 10 kilometers.

For the final classification, we will add up the kilometers traveled in each event and the winner will be the one who has traveled the least kilometers. To qualify for the final prize, the three best results will be added up. This way, if you don’t score on a date, you still have a chance to win.

The prize for the winner will be the free registration for the route that we will do in Castilla y Leon in June.

Here you have the poster of the first event:

The registration fee is de 65€ and it is included:

    • route design
    • road book
    • breakfast and lunch
    • assistance car
    • RC and accident insurance
    • tracking beacon

Forma de pago: por transferencia bancaria.
Política de devolución: no se devolverá el importe de la inscripción una vez formalizada.
El club se reserva los derechos de modificación de recorrido o anulación del evento. Cualquier duda podéis poneros en contacto con nosotros:.





October 3rd

 Octubre 3rd

ES43 0049 5680 1428 1604 1824

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